JA released his 7th studio album, “September”, in October (of course! an even sadder month than september!)2013 with CD release shows at his two favorite haunts, the Aster Cafe and the 318 Cafe, the Twin Cities pre-eminent listening rooms. Recorded entirely at flash studios and largely performed by JA and his stalwart associate and collaborateur Rob Arthur, “September” takes its place as a classic JA record–wistful as an autumn watercolor, poetic and sweet, but with a sly undertone and an occasional nod-and-wink to the artists that have long defined the singer-songwriter genre. From the sparse echoes of “Matter of Time” to the hit-making groove of Ben Howard’s “Keep Your Head Up” to the Beatle-esque “iPad”, September unveils itself like the seasons–sometimes gently, sometimes fiercely.

Drawing on a long career as a songwriter, artist, and producer, JA presents an unfiltered and raw take on the emotional explosion that can happen while traveling through life.

Based loosely on the idea that while there is no "bomb" tarot card in the deck, at any moment life can hit you with the bomb card - and what follows is a collection of songs that capture the feelings, from wistful to melancholy to hopeful.

Featuring world-class sidemen Charley Drayton (Keith Richards, B-52's, Simon and Garfunkel), Rob Arthur (Peter Frampton), Jon Herchert (Jonny Lang), Rich Mercurio (Jonatha Brooke) and others, "bomb" is a gorgeous vignette of many moods.

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