Jeff Arundel


Jeff Arundel is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up in the city in a curvy, tree-lined neighborhood called “tangletown”. His room was in the back of the third floor, high up among the branches–the perfect place for reflection and melancholia, which ran unheeded until he got a little guitar for his 13th birthday. He began recording his music in 1988 with Dale Goulett, lead singer of the famed Minneapolis pop ensemble “Limited Warranty”–JA flung himself over the ramparts and into the realm of sounds and songs. seven studio albums, various awards including a Minnesota Music Award, The NAIRD album of the year finalist award, two prestigious Cities97 samplers, national and international radio play, and then an evolution into music producing and direction.

In a career spanning 25 years, JA has worked alongside memorable players and execs including Arif Mardin, Ian Ralfini, Bruce Lundvall, Tim Hatfield, Rob Genadek, Niko Bolas, Rob Arthur, Charley Drayton, Rich Mercurio, Jeff Victor, Tommy Barbella, Jon Herchert, Matt Novachis, Joel Sayles, Ken Abdo, Miki Mulvihill Van Tyn, Keri Noble, Billy Mclaughlin, Tom Peterson, Nathan Wilson, Steven C, The Conte Brothers, Jeff Allen, Bobby Z, Noah Levy, Billy Oerhlein, Pat Frederick, Kale Reed, Ben Peterson, Ashleigh Still, and many more in a career that has taken him around the world. JA has released seven nationally-distributed records, produced top-ten hits in foreign countries, and been on all the big and little stages. He is working on his eighth studio recording and has any number of production projects going.